The need for the development of mineral resources of antimony in Russia due to the increase in the world price of antimony products, the creation of new materials, technologies using antimony, antimony sharp decline in the supply on the world market for its main producer (China), the country's largest deposits of deprivation in the decay of the Soviet Union. The projected growth in demand for antimony in the world is associated with more stringent requirements for fire safety and increased production of flame retardants.
The main task of subsoil users during the development of any field - maximum use of "dry" eco-friendly and low-cost technologies. These technologies include XRS - X-ray radiometric separation, which in recent years has been actively used in the mining industry for a variety of minerals. Well proven and the technology for Sb-ores (deposits Udereyskoe, Hara-Shibirskoe, Upper Kolyma PE et al.) To highlight high-quality lump concentrates Sb > 30-35%, Sb> 40% and pre-concentration of the poorest off-balance sheet, Sb ~ 1-3% ores.

Ilinskii ore field is located in Akshinsky District Chita region, 27 km south-east of the village Duldurga and 138 km south-west of the railway station Darasun.

In February this year, the RADOS company's experts together with specialists crushing plant Naryn-Kunduyskogo antimony deposit - Ilinskii ore field, carry out the verification of technical condition, configuration and commissioning of the node separation on the basis of X-ray radiometric separator SRF4-150.