Fluorspar - Fluorite belongs to the most important types of mineral raw materials. It is used in various fields of national economy: steel, aluminum, chemical, ceramic, glass and other industries. In Russia, the direct consumers of fluorspar, there are about a hundred enterprises. Currently, the security of the internal market of fluorspar own raw material is 40%.

Mineral resources of fluorspar industry in Russia, despite the considerable amount of proven reserves, a number of disadvantages:

- Low quality ores and their poor dressing (low extraction for the dressing and the impossibility of obtaining high-quality concentrates) - Arrangement of disadvantaged producers and consumers, causing the need for transportation over long distances - Complex geographic, economic and geological conditions of working that requires a significant investment in the construction and operation of enterprises - The high cost and low competitiveness of fluorite products in the domestic and foreign markets.
Many of the above problems effectively solves the technology X-ray radiometric separation XRS fluorite ores.



In July 2015 the specialists of RADOS, together with specialists from the mine Listvennoe field (Manský District, Krasnoyarsk Territory, RF), was commissioned and began issuing commercial product, X-ray radiometric separation unit XRS-based separator RADOS XRF.

Sorting machines RADOS XRF able to increase the concentration of fluorite and get off-balance sheet tail product.