RADOS - 20 years! RADOS - 20 years!

Since its inception in 1994 year, LLC "RADOS" - a company in which concentrated all directions of X-ray radiometric separation XRS:

  • Development and production separation equipment
  • Testing, research technology RRS for various types of ores and technogenic raw materials
  • Startup and commissioning of the ore sorting complexes

Over twenty years of work, the company RADOS has produced more than 100 sets separation equipment and put it on more than 50 objects mining enterprises in Russia and abroad.

Company participates in leading exhibitions and forums held at the facilities of several conferences and presentations, the main conclusion that: XRS technology and equipments entered the industrial level, can and should become a core technology in mineral processing.

RADOS-20 years!
RADOS stand at the exhibition "MINING" MVTS "Siberia", Krasnoyarsk, March 2014

RADOS worked and works with many small, medium and large enterprises: Norilsk Nickel, SUAL, RUSAL, Alrosa , UMMC-Holding, RMK-Holding, KAZCHROME, KAZMYS, KAZZINC etc. , cooperates with leading Russian design institutes and organizations.


Significant objects of equipment RADOS

On gold mining technology and equipment XRS allows separation of ore content for processing at the mill and heap leach process dumps with the release of these conditional ores , reduce transportation costs, milling, dressing.

His efficiency, separation equipment RADOS proved while working on Tokurskiy mine, Susumanskiy GOK , as well as enterprises Krasnoyarskiy Kray and Chukotka.


RADOS-20 years!
technology XRS for gold mining


RADOS-20 years! RADOS-20 years!
X-ray radiometric separation dressing plants for uranium ores


RADOS-20 years!
Crushing and screening plant with a knot on XRS Kuldursky brucite mine


RADOS-20 years!
Slag separation technology XRS Klyuchevskoy dressing mill


RADOS-20 years!a
North copper-zinc mine


RADOS-20 years!
Mobile ore grading system based on the separator SRF