©2007 E.F. Tsypin (USMU, Ural Radiometric Dressing Centre

X-ray separation is one of the environmentally-friendly and cheap dressing processes. This method began to be used in industry during last 10 years and revealed high technological and economical effect on different kinds of mineral and technogene raw materials

X-ray radiometric separation distinctive features, which differ it from other dressing processes:

      - Direct determination of element mass part (beginning with Ca);
      - Possibility of division on element “presence” thanks to high method sensibility;
      - Possibility of division on complicated analytic indexes, including several elements content combinations (in that number sums, ratios);
      - Possibility of three-product division;
      - Division in piece shape;
      - Raw materials division without technological water use;br> - Environmental safety.

X-ray radiometric separation can be used on the following conditions:

  1. Raw material contrast of components content on separation size
  2. Suitable granular-metric structure;
  3. Dressing technology of classes, impossible to sort.

    Its application allows to solve the following tasks:

    - Removing rock mass in large-piece shape (previous concentration);br> - Picking out large-piece concentrates from ores for melting (chromium, manganese