According to the magazine industry in Siberia, №21 - June 2014

Mining of the world experiencing similar problems in the processing of the poor and substandard ore. The concentration of large amounts of off-balance ore dumps and waste violates the ecological balance of the regions. Declining stocks legkoobogatimyh ores.

Costs of conversion of complex and refractory ores great that adversely affects the cost of the final product.

Application of traditional technologies with low mineral content leads to substantial costs and unprofitable production resources.

Screening equipment company RADOS on the basis of X-ray radiometric separation technology PPC allows to improve the quality of the feedstock, involved in the processing of dumps and poor balance ores and slags, allows exploitation of deposits, the economic development of which was previously impossible.

lOre sorting complex and X-ray radiometric processing plants on the basis of X-ray fluorescence separators SRF, for the past two decades, working on the whole territory of Russia and abroad.

Technology and equipment for X-ray radiometric separation deserved recognition of scientists, experts and manufacturers and provides novel, highly efficient and environmentally sound technologies enrichment of different types of ores and industrial raw materials.

Basis Technology - methodical, technical features and capabilities of separation equipment that can successfully by XRF separation to enrich a variety of minerals:

- ferrous, non-ferrous, rare and precious metals

- polymetallic and uranium raw materials

- fluorides, quartzite, magnetite, brucite, bauxite, nepheline, limestone

- metallurgical wastes

Studies of ore deposits of more than 300 Russian and foreign for a wide range of minerals, proved the possibility of effective use of technology PPC.


RADOS - 20 years! RADOS - 20 years!

Since its inception in 1994 year, LLC "RADOS" - a company in which concentrated all directions of X-ray radiometric separation XRS:

  • Development and production separation equipment
  • Testing, research technology RRS for various types of ores and technogenic raw materials
  • Startup and commissioning of the ore sorting complexes

©2007 E.F. Tsypin (USMU, Ural Radiometric Dressing Centre

X-ray separation is one of the environmentally-friendly and cheap dressing processes. This method began to be used in industry during last 10 years and revealed high technological and economical effect on different kinds of mineral and technogene raw materials

©2006(November), Y.O. Fedorov, bachelor of technical science,- the partnership RADOS general director

X-ray radiometric separation (XRS) is a new high effective and environmentally friendly technology of dressing of different kinds of ores and technogene raw materials (poor-condition and substandard ores heaps, slag, etc) This technology is based on absolutely modern technological equipment for piece separation – X-ray radiometric separators, including modern industrial computers and software, the best X-ray apparatuses and detecting blocks, electro-technical and electronic devices. But the main thing is in separators methodical, technical and technological features and possibilities, which allow to dress different natural resources – ores of ferrous metals (Cr, Mn, Fe), non-ferrous, rare and precious metals, poly-metal and uranium raw materials, quartzite, fluor-spar ore, MgCO3, Al (AlSiO5), aluminum ores, Ca3[Si3O9], limestone , coal and metallurgical industry waste successfully with piece separation way. Besides, an advantage of the method (XRS) is that it is the only “direct” method for evaluation of most of elements included in ore content